Miami Commercial LendingMercantil Bank offers competitive Miami commercial lending products to South Florida businesses of all sizes. Our customers range from small local retail shops to enterprises that generate millions in annual revenue. Our clients operate in many different industries and conduct operations both locally and globally. They are the lifeblood of their communities, creating local jobs and investment opportunities.

Many of our small business and corporate clients started out just as we did. Mercantil Bank began as a single branch bank in North Miami over 34 years ago. Although Mercantil Bank now manages over $7 billion in assets and operates 18 branches across the southern U.S., we remain both true to our community roots and committed to investing in the areas that we serve. In cooperation with the Small Business Administration (SBA), we provide loans for small businesses in South Florida so that local entrepreneurs can realize their dreams. We also offer asset-based financing for some of the area’s most well-known corporations.

Miami Commercial Lending

At Mercantil Bank, we’re committed to meeting the needs of small and medium-sized businesses as well as large local enterprises. We offer multiple alternatives for obtaining a South Floridabusiness bank loan, including.

  • SBA loans. Our SBA loan products extend financing to small businesses with guaranty backing from the SBA. These loans can be used for real estate acquisition, inventory purchases and many other small business needs.
  • Term loans. Term loans from Mercantil Bank provide working capital for plant and equipment acquisitions, leasehold improvements, vehicle buying and owner-occupied commercial real estate purchases. They feature flexible repayment terms for both principal and interest.
  • Lines of credit. Open a line of credit for purposes ranging from minor cash flow emergencies to seasonal inventory expansion. Talk to a Mercantil Bank lending agent early so that your line of credit is available when you need it.
  • Asset-based financing. Asset-based financing from Mercantil Bank provides revolving financing based on a percentage of a company’s inventory and accounts receivable. By only accessing working capital as needed, companies are able to lower their borrowing costs.
  • Trade financing. Today’s marketplace connects customers from all over the world with Miami’s business community. Mercantil Bank’s trade financing options facilitate export and support overseas buyers that want to import goods from South Florida businesses. We work with Eximbank, provide letters of credit and offer credit insurance products for post-export financing.

Know Your Miami Commercial Lending Options

Navigating today’s credit environment can be challenging for many businesses. Companies need more than just a source of cash; they need a long-term relationship with a trusted lender. At Mercantil Bank, we deliver competitive loan products designed to enable business investment and expansion in our local communities. More importantly, we make decisions at a local level to deliver faster turnaround times and quicker access to funds.

Whether you’re a small business owner with your eye on a local opportunity or a large enterprise looking to expand overseas, Mercantil Bank has knowledgeable lending agents and offers flexible sources of financing. In addition to traditional business loans, we offer Miami business loans for women and minorities. Contact Mercantil Bank today to discuss your available Miami commercial lending options.