Miami business loans for women provided by Mercantil Bank give entrepreneurial women the chance to grow their own businesses. Consider some of these statistics about women in business from the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Center for Women’s Business Research:

Miami Business Loans for Women

        • Women own over 10 million American businesses that generate $3 million in sales.
        • Women-owned businesses employ 23 million people, which is nearly double the number of people employed by America’s 50 largest companies.
        • Women own 40 percent of all privately held firms.
        • One in five firms that generate over $1 million in annual revenue is owned by a woman.
        • Firms owned by women of color are growing faster than all privately held firms.

Owning a business gives a woman greater control over her time as well as her career options. Local economies benefit from tapping into the intellect, resourcefulness and management skills of the women in their communities. As more and more women decide to grow their own companies, Mercantil Bank offers Miami commercial lending solutions that can turn ideas into realities.

Miami Business Loans for Women

Choosing a lender for your small business could be one of the biggest financial decisions that you will ever make. Mercantil Bank offers an experience that sets our services above that of our competition. Count on us for:

            • Personalized service. At Mercantil Bank, we make local lending decisions. In addition to giving you a faster turnaround time, local decision-making gives us the chance to get to know you. Over the long run, we’ll get to know your business, your reputation and your vision for success. Instead of becoming another number typed into a machine, you become a vital member of our South Florida business community.
            • Flexibility. Mercantil Bank offers flexibility in our loan offerings and in our services. After over three decades in lending, we understand that not every business fits the same mold. Therefore, we work with you to develop tailored financing solutions.
            • Security. By using the latest technology combined with thorough employee training and procedural safeguards, we make sure that any information we acquire when providing business banking in Miami remains both confidential and secure.
            • Reputation. Mercantil Bank is the local bank with a global reputation. After starting out as a single North Miami branch in 1979, we have grown into an 18-branch bank that manages over $7 billion in assets. Our stability and community focus has earned us a global reputation for compliance in personal, commercial, international, corporate and private banking.
            • Community. Mercantil Bank knows that business owners are the lifeblood of America’s cities, towns and communities. Our mission is to be recognized as a superior provider of quality financial products and services investing in the markets that we serve.

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Mercantil Bank offers a wide range of Miami commercial lending options including Miami business loans for women. If you see a need in our community that your business can fill, then give Mercantil Bank a call to discuss how we can finance your dream today.