A Houston line of credit can give your South Texas business the money that’s required to purchase inventory or to cover unexpected operating expenses. As a business owner, you know that, especially in the early years, small companies rely on investors and lenders for capital. You started your business with an innovation or with a dream, and sometimes you need additional funds to transform those ideas into reality. Mercantil Bank has almost 35 years of experience helping companies like yours secure business lines of credit.

Mercantil Bank began as a single small bank branch in North Miami, Fla., with a focus on serving our neighborhood’s banking needs. Now, we operate over 18 branches, including three branches in Houston. We also manage $7 billion in assets. Like you, we know that running a business requires a team of supporters, including a lender that you can trust. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide superior financial products, like Houston commercial business loans, in the cities and communities that we serve.

Houston Line of Credit

When you work with a lender from Mercantil Bank, you are doing more than just opening a line of credit. You’re building a relationship that can serve you throughout the life of your business. The Mercantil Bank experience focuses on these central qualities:Houston Line of Credit

  • Flexibility. Our lending agents work to find the best available terms for your business. They recognize that arranging credit isn’t a “one size fits all” process.
  • Personalized attention. To Mercantil Bank, you’re not just another number. Your business is a vital part of the community that we serve.
  • Security. Mercantil Bank safeguards your privacy using the latest technology. We also train agents to utilize best practices that protect sensitive information.
  • Integrity. We’ve been helping businesses just like yours since 1979. Our track record  has earned Mercantil Bank a top-notch reputation for compliance in personal, commercial, corporate and private banking.
  • Social responsibility. Our focus is on community, and it has been from the beginning.

How a Houston Line of Credit Can Benefit Your Business

The best time to secure a Houston line of credit is before your business needs it. A line of credit provides a small safety net when your business encounters unexpected circumstances. Additionally, a line of credit can give your business a quick revenue boost. Many small business owners tap lines of credit to:

  • Fund marketing campaigns
  • Finance receivables
  • Make payroll
  • Pay bills early to receive rebates or discounts
  • Purchase extra seasonal inventory
  • Cover minor business fluctuations
  • Buy a small, urgently needed piece of equipment

Unlike a business loan, which is a one-time financing tool, you can tap your business line of credit as often as it’s needed. You make payments when you use the credit line, and you have no payments when you aren’t carrying a balance.

Mercantil Bank issues lines of credit at competitive interest rates. Business owners appreciate both the flexibility and the assurance that come from having an immediate source of funds. Whether you need a small business line of credit or a commercial loan in Houston, give Mercantil Bank a call today.