As a business owner in South Texas, you need a trusted resource for Houston commercial business loans. Make Mercantil Bank your top financing resource and benefit from our 30-plus years of banking experience.

You may know that expansion is right for your business because investing in expansion now could generate revenue later. Alternatively, you may want capital to develop a new product or service designed to give your company a competitive edge. Perhaps a new piece of cutting-edge equipment could make your company far more efficient. By applying for a loan or a Houston line of credit with Mercantil Bank, you can get the money that you need to invest in your company’s future.

Houston Commercial Business Loans

Mercantil Bank offers a wide range of commercial loans that can get working capital into your hands. These products include but are not limited to:

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. Mercantil Bank supports small business as the lifeblood of our community, and community is what we’re all about. With loans backed by the SBA, you can expand or revamp your company. Additionally, with SBA 504 Certified Development Loans, you can purchase owner-occupied commercial real estate with a term of up to 20 years.
  • Term loans. Our term loans offer flexible monthly payment terms so that you can repay the loan at the pace that’s best for your business. You can use term loans to purchase commercial real estate, to acquire equipment, to expand production or to make leasehold improvements. These options are just examples of what you can accomplish with a term loan from Mercantil Bank.
  • Trade financing. Thanks to the Internet and to expansion in information and communications technology, your business can participate in a global marketplace. Trade financing from Mercantil Bank enables you to develop products and strategies for overseas export while minimizing both commercial and political risk. We can also assist overseas buyers with short and medium-term import financing.
  • Lines of credit. Establish a Mercantil Bank line of credit as a short-term financing safety net. You can use your credit line for small purchases, to cover unexpected shortages or to beef up seasonal hiring and inventory.
  • Asset-based financing. Based on a percentage of your inventory and accounts receivable, you can address the seasonal needs of your company and fund attractive growth opportunities.
  • Real estate loans. Our real estate loans with balloon financing can enable your business to purchase income-producing properties. We also offer loans for owner-occupied commercial real estate and short-term loans for Land Acquisition, Development and Construction (ADC).

Houston Commercial Business Loans Are Just a Phone Call Away

Mercantil Bank has over three decades of experiences dealing with companies just like yours. No matter what your volume, your size or your project, we can recommend solutions that have worked well for other clients. When you apply for a commercial loan in Houston with Mercantil Bank, you’ll be working with a lender that makes decisions locally. Our mission is to empower the communities we serve by offering quality loan products and delivering exemplary customer service. Call Mercantil Bank to discuss Houston commercial business loans today.