Commercial Real Estate Loans in Miami

Mercantil Bank delivers commercial real estate lending solutions to businesses in Miami. Since 1979, we have helped businesses to finance real estate transactions of all volumes. As one of Miami’s leading banks, our approach to real estate financing is designed to maximize the success of your business and help you to take advantage of every real estate opportunity that arises.

Whether you are planning to buy an office building, production facility or renovate your existing business facilities, Mercantil Bank can provide the lending solutions that you need to meet your short-term and long-term business goals. For over 34 years, it has been our mission to serve the Miami business community with quality financial products.

Miami Commercial Real Estate Loans

Mercantil Bank offers commercial real estate lending solutions that are designed to fit your financing requirements. Our real estate loan products include:

Owner occupied real estate loan. An owner occupied real estate loan from Mercantil Bank is the right option if you want to purchase commercial space, construct a new facility for your business, refinancing your existing commercial real estate loan, expand or upgrade your existing business facility.

These loans are available for $100,000 and up and can be secured by the real estate that you are financing with the loan. In addition, the loan features a fixed interest rate or the opportunity for repricing at year 5. With 20 years amortization, loan-to-value up to 80%, Mercantil Bank offers terms that will meet your needs.

Income producing real estate loan. Mercantil Bank’s income producing real estate loans are for businesses that want to purchase residential or commercial property with the purpose of earning rental income. The property can be acquired to run your business while you rent out a portion of the property to another tenant.

These loans are available for $100,000 and up and can be secured by the real estate that you are financing with the loan. These loans also feature a fixed interest rate or repricing at year five. With loan-to-value based on the real estate type and 20 years amortization, Mercantil Bank can provide loan terms that will meet the specific needs of your business.

Choose Mercantil Bank As Your Trusted Real Estate Lender

At Mercantil Bank, we are committed to Miami businesses, which is why our local lending agents will collaborate closely with you to help determine which commercial real estate loan solutions will work best for meeting your business objectives. With our commitment to personalized service, you can expect to receive comprehensive assistance from the same lending professional who will guide you throughout the entire process. If you are looking to build a relationship with a local bank that is committed to the success of your business Mercantil Bank is here to help. Contact one of our lending agents today to learn more about your options for commercial real estate loans in Miami.