Commercial Real Estate Lending in Miami

If you are looking for a commercial real estate loan for your South Florida business, then give us a call at Mercantil Bank. We provide commercial real estate loans for businesses in Miami, just as we’ve done since 1979. As a local bank in Miami with a global presence, we can offer flexible lending solutions that are customized to your financing needs.

South Florida offers one of the most vibrant and dynamic business communities in the United States. As a part of South Florida’s business communities, we began as a single North Miami bank branch more than 30 years ago. Although our business has expanded to include other locations across the southern U.S., we remain committed to Miami’s business community. Commercial real estate purchases are a crucial part of the success of these businesses.

Whether you are planning to purchase a new commercial office building, production facility or renovate your existing business facilities, you need reliable lending solutions that will meet the specific financing requirements of your business. Our mission is to offer quality commercial real estate financing options to our business customers.

Miami Commercial Real Estate Lending

At Mercantil Bank, we understand that real estate decisions have to be made quickly. In some instances, the right opportunity may only be available once. With our local decision making, we can provide a fast turnaround and quick funding so that you get access to the capital you need as soon as possible.

Rely on our over 34 years of experience in commercial real estate loans. Mercantil Bank has experience with every type of real estate transaction including:

  • Ground-up construction
  • Income producing properties
  • Mixed use developments
  • Standard refinancing
  • Requisitions

We also specialize in providing owner occupied real estate loans and income producing real estate loans to South Florida businesses. These loans are available at $100,000 and up and are secured by the real estate that you are financing. With fixed interest rates and 20 years amortization available, Mercantil Bank can offer loan terms that meet your needs.

When you work with Mercantil Bank, you can expect personalized attention. To us, you’re not just another account number. Your business is vital to the Miami business community that we serve.

Our lending agents will work to find the best possible terms for your real estate loan. We recognize that arranging a commercial real estate loan is different for every business and we will work to accommodate your personalized needs with lending agents who will provide guidance throughout the entire transaction process.

How to Apply for Commercial Real Estate Lending With Mercantil Bank

Many banks in Miami and other areas of South Florida provide commercial real estate loans to businesses. For the most part, the interest rates, repayment terms, and down payment requirements for these loans are about the same. However, our commitment to serving Miami businesses is what sets our services apart from the competition. At Mercantil Bank, we make every lending decision locally. We’ll work with you to understand your objectives in order to find the right solutions to achieve your short and long-term business goals. Contact a Mercantil Bank lending agent today to apply for commercial real estate lending in Miami.