goodcreditimageWhen you’re looking for a commercial loan in Houston, give Mercantil Bank a call. As a local bank with a global presence, we offer financing to expand your business both locally and internationally. Although businesses always have connections to their communities, today’s marketplace demands a global outlook. Mercantil Bank provides the best of both worlds by serving as a local lender that knows your company while staying on top of events in the global community.

Our Houston commercial business loans finance growth, purchasing and continuity for businesses of all sizes. Mercantil Bank has lending solutions that can take you wherever your vision leads you. We began as a single bank branch committed to investing in our community. Although we’ve expanded to include 18 branches, we still maintain our community focus.

Commercial Loan in Houston

Mercantil Bank can connect your business to both a Houston line of credit and a term loan product depending on the amount of financing and the repayment term that you need. Talk to us about opening a line of credit to cover small purchases during a cash shortage. For example, a line of credit gives you cash for seasonal inventory purchases, quick marketing campaigns and unexpected payroll expenses. A longer-term loan, on the other hand, can finance initiatives including:

  • Real estate acquisition. If you want to purchase a commercial building, an office building or a retail storefront, then we offer a wide range of real estate loans. If you want to purchase land, construct buildings or renovate existing structures, then ask us whether you qualify for the SBA CDC/504 real estate loan.
  • Equipment purchases. Sometimes, a new piece of equipment is all that you need to step up production and gain efficiency. Let our term loans, SBA Express loans or asset-based financing options fund your equipment purchases so that you can unleash a new revenue stream.
  • Overseas expansion. You don’t have to be a huge corporation to recognize major opportunities overseas. Whether you want to sell your products internationally or to connect with a foreign supplier, we offer both export and import financing designed to protect you from commercial and political risk in countries around the world.

How to Apply for a Commercial Loan in Houston

Many Houston and South Texas banks offer commercial loans. In many cases, the interest rates, points options, down payment requirements and repayment terms are similar. Mercantil Bank differentiates itself from the competition by making local lending decisions. We get to know you, your vision, your values and your business, and we form lending relationships that last for the long haul. Call a Mercantil Bank lending agent today to discuss how to apply for a commercial loan in Houston.